Best Triceps Bars For Home Gym Reviewed

Searching for the best triceps bars in 2022? Check our picks and reviews for one of the most popular pieces of equipment used at home.

The triceps bar is one of the most popular pieces of equipment used both in gyms and at home. The popularity of this bar type is largely due to its shape that allows for comfortable and nearly strain-free training of the biceps and triceps.

It’s also remarkable that you can perform plenty of exercises with a triceps bar!

If you happen to be looking for a triceps bar for home gym use, then you are in the right place. Below, I’ll give you some helpful tips on choosing the right triceps bar. Furthermore, we’ll have a look at what I think are the 5 best triceps bars for a home gym!

Things To Look For In A Triceps Bar

Triceps bars are fairly simple, but there are a few things in them that you should pay careful attention to. Let’s talk about those below.


Triceps bars aren’t created equal, and one key area where this inequality will show itself is weight.

Is a heavier triceps bar better? Not really – it will depend on your needs. If you are unsure of your fitness level, then you should go for a lighter bar. As you become stronger, you’ll be able to load it with plates to make it heavier anyway.

With that said, a heavier triceps bar may provide you with better long-term growth. This is partly because heavy triceps bars tend to be more durable, and you could ultimately load more weight onto them.

But since triceps bars are mostly used to train the relatively weak biceps and triceps, the added capacity of heavier bars probably won’t be necessary for most people.

Sleeve size

Second, comes the sleeve size.

Triceps bar sleeves can be sized at either 1 or 2 inches. The former will take plates with smaller 1-inch holes, while the latter will work with regular Olympic plates.

Your decision will, first of all, come down to what kind of plates you have or are intending to buy. Secondly, Olympic plates tend to be bigger and heavier than 1-inch plates, and 2-inch triceps bars thus should provide better long-term training opportunities.

You can find pretty heavy 1-inch plates as well though. But if you care about weight, I’d actually recommend that you check the availability of 1-inch plates in your area. If you have access to heavy 1-inch plates, then you may go for a 1-inch bar. Otherwise, go for a 2-inch bar.


Triceps bars aren’t made equal in size as well. They are typically 34 inches long, but the length of the sleeves, the size of the frame, as well as the spacing between the center bars may differ.

There’s no best here really. The right size and spacing will depend on your preferences. If you already have some experience with triceps bars in the gym and liked some particular style, then I suggest that you pick a bar that’s sized exactly like the bar that you’ve liked.

Weight capacity

Some triceps bars will take 200 pounds, while others will cap out at just 150 pounds. Both weights are quite heavy, but the former provides better long-term growth opportunities.

Again, your expectations and goals will define how durable a triceps bar is to go for. Generally, the higher the weight capacity, the better, but you may want to avoid overpaying for excessive durability that you won’t need.


Triceps bars typically come coated in chrome, but some bars are coated in a black finish. The black finish does look nice, but I personally don’t like it since it comes off pretty quickly and becomes annoying. My personal suggestion would be that you go for a regular chrome bar.


Finally, consider the price of the desired triceps bar as well.

Cheaper bars tend to have issues with build quality and consistency, so I think you should go for a pricier bar if possible. But if you have a tighter budget, you can still find a decent bar – read the buyer reviews of the desired bar to find out how it has worked for others in terms of quality.

Best Triceps Bars For A Home Gym

CAP Barbell Standard Threaded 34″ Triceps Bar

CAP Barbell Standard Threaded 34" Triceps Bar

Take advantage of the chrome plated CAP Standard Triceps Bar. In order to achieve your resistance training goals, you might focus on certain muscle groups. Triceps contraction is maximized while elbow, wrist, and forearm strain is minimized. For Olympic weightlifting, interval training, and many more purposes. There are several safety precautions built into this traditional triceps bar. Even in rainy circumstances, the diamond-knurled grip resists slipping. The integrated collars and long sleeve length keep the weights in place while you walk. Steel construction means this CAP Standard Chrome Triceps Bar can hold up to 200 lbs.

  • Made of solid chromed steel
  • Threaded ends
  • Handgrips with diamond knurling
  • Specifically designed for maximal triceps muscle focus
  • Fits a single standard plate
  • Collars with stars are provided
  • 200-pound weight capacity

Cap Barbell Olympic Triceps Bar

This triceps bar by Cap Barbell is very similar to the Titan Fitness triceps bar we’ve just overviewed, but it’s a bit cheaper. If you can live with not 100% consistent build quality, then this thing should work for you.

In terms of numbers, the Cap Barbell triceps bar is nearly identical to the Titan Fitness bar – it again supports up to 200 pounds, and it also works with 2-inch Olympic plates. Weighing around 19.28 pounds, this bar is also a little lighter, but it’s heavy enough to give quite the beating to your muscles.

Cap Barbell also includes a pair of collars with this thing, so if you don’t have collars yet, this will be a nice bonus for you.

You could also get a black variant of this bar if you like black bars more. As I said above, I personally don’t like them, mainly because the black finish comes off sooner or later, turning the bar into a mess.


  • Not too pricey.
  • Works with Olympic plates.
  • Supports up to 200 pounds.
  • Weighs 19.28 pounds.
  • Comes with collars.


  • Inconsistent build quality.

Synergee Tricep Bar

Synergee Tricep Bar

The Synergee Tricep Bar is a must-have for everyone who wants to tone and improve their upper body’s appearance. The bar may be elevated in a number of ways to target your triceps, biceps, anterior deltoids, and traps, as well! You can change up your usual arm day and keep your body guessing with this adaptable piece of strength equipment!

Bars made of steel are meticulously crafted and then powder-coated to offer an extra layer of protection. Plus, the final coat looks slick!

Forget about twisting and rotating in order to exercise a different portion of your body. You’ll get the most out of your upper body workouts thanks to this Tricep bar’s rotating sleeves and rectangular cage, which are embossed with accurate medium-depth knurling. More advantages come from being in a better position, which translates into higher performance.

There are two 2 inch-wide sleeves on either side of the Synergee Tricep Bar that provide for 6.5 inches of loadable length on each side. A Black Phosphate version of this Tricep Bar is available.

Marcy Threaded Triceps Bar

The Marcy triceps bar is a more traditional bar with 1-inch sleeves. The sleeves are threaded, and you are also getting the spinlock collars that you’ve probably seen many times in a local gym.

The weight of this triceps bar may be particularly interesting to some people – at just around 14 pounds, this bar is very lightweight. At the earlier stages, this light bar is going to be a better option for less fit buyers.

The Marcy triceps bar is also fairly inexpensive, so it should be a good option for you if you are on a tighter budget. And in spite of its cheap price and unlike other similarly priced bars, it seems to have more or less consistent build quality.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Threaded 1-inch sleeves.
  • Lighter 14-pound weight.
  • Collars included.

Body-Solid Olympic Triceps Bar

Finally, we have this inexpensive option of a triceps bar by Body-Solid. Weighing at around 22 pounds, this triceps bar is a nice alternative to the Titan Fitness bar we’ve overviewed at the very beginning.

Like the Titan Fitness bar, this triceps bar is designed for 2-inch Olympic plates. The Body-Solid bar is sized around the same as well, so it should deliver a similar feel and training comfort.

The biggest benefit of this bar over Titan Fitness’ piece is the cheaper price. If you are on a budget and can live with quality and consistency that’s not perfect, then this bar should be a fairly good option.

With that said, keep in mind that the weight of this bar seems to vary quite a bit from the claimed 22 pounds (probably a result of cheapness). If each pound is important to you, go for the Titan Fitness bar instead.


  • Heavier weight of 22 pounds.
  • Designed for Olympic plates.


  • Issues with quality consistency.

Final Words

You can see a triceps bar in pretty much any gym. And in my opinion, a triceps bar is a priority and a must for a home gym just like it is important for a commercial gym.

Even in a limited space, you could do wonders with a triceps bar. And combine a triceps bar with an EZ curl bar, a pull-up bar, and a few dumbbells, and you get a fairly self-sufficient set of equipment that will train your entire body!

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