Best Multifunctional Weight Benches For Strength Training

Although they aren’t as functional and convenient as fully dedicated equipment, the best weight benches can allow you to do bench press, curls, ab crunches, and leg extensions all with just one machine.

Not many people can afford to buy dedicated equipment for every exercise. Think about it – do you have enough budget for a squat rack, bench, and a leg extension machine – all separately?

Probably not. Likewise, you probably do not have enough free space for such a variety of training equipment.

Well, here is where multifunctional weight benches come into play. Although they aren’t as functional and convenient as fully dedicated equipment, they can allow you to do bench press, curls, ab crunches, and leg extensions all with just one machine. The budget and space savings of such benches are evident.

Plus, a multi-workout bench will provide you with a more convenient space to store your EZ curl bar, straight bar, triceps bar, or the like.

With all that in mind, if you happen to be looking for the best multifunctional bench for home use, then you will find a few interesting options below.

Things To Look For In A Multifunctional Bench

So before moving on to our reviews, let’s talk about the things that you should be paying attention to when shopping for the best multi-workout bench.

Since multifunctional benches come in very different shapes and forms, we can’t give you a comprehensive overview of what to look for in them. However, we can tell you what basic features to consider:

  • Hardware. First up, pay attention to the hardware included with the bench. Some multi-workout benches will just have a bench surface along with padded foot and thigh supports for crunches and good mornings. Others may have things like a barbell rack.
  • Size. Next, check how big the bench actually is. This matters for two reasons. First, you probably have limited space, so you shouldn’t get a huge bench that can’t even fit in your training corner. Secondly, if you are tall, then you may find during your research that not all benches are appropriately sized for you.
  • Adjustability. Multifunctional benches usually have adjustable backrest angles, thigh pad height, and some other things. Generally, the higher the adjustability, the more versatile a weight bench is going to be. However, price rises accordingly, and unless you are sure that you will need better adjustability, don’t overpay for any bells & whistles.
  • Weight limit. Finally, pay attention to the weight limit of the desired weight bench. The bench should be able to hold your weight, plus the weight of any sports equipment you’ll be working out with.

5 Best Multifunctional Benches

Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max Weight Bench

Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max

With a 3 Inch x 2 Inch Frame, this bench is bigger and more durable than any other available option. The backrest and seat may be aligned such that there is no gap between them. Every time you bench press, you’ll be thankful you did. You won’t feel any sagging hips or pinching pain throughout this workout.

You have a total of 21 ways to target certain muscle groups. The back rest can be adjusted from -15 to 85 degrees, and our adjustable foam rollers will help you tone your abs and core.

In order to do decline benches and situps, leg holders may be adjusted to fit people of different sizes. Foam rollers with a diameter of four inches are ideal for use in the gym because they provide the best support for your knees and ankles. A resource that’s present when you need it is also gone when you don’t.

Your head will never droop while carrying heavy objects with the 37-inch expanded backrest.

Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench

This is the most functional multi-workout bench on our list. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but if you can afford it, you may not need to get any other benches for an upper-body workout.

Out of the box, the Body Champ BCB5860 weight bench allows you to do bench press, preacher curl, leg extensions, and leg curls. For added convenience, this bench allows you to adjust some of the components, including the rack, the backrest, and the leg developer accessory.

With the included Ab Crunch accessory, you can even do crunches on this thing!

When it comes to leg exercises, a nice thing about this multi-workout weight bench is that you can use either Olympic or 1-inch plates. The plate peg accepts 1-inch plates by default, but the included Olympic plate adapter also allows you to use Olympic plates.

On the not so bright side, this bench is a nightmare to assemble with the included tools. You would be better off using your own socket and adjustable wrenches.

The Body Champ multi bench is pretty bulky as well, and unlike other models on our bench reviews, you can’t fold it down for easy storage.


  • Allows you to perform bench press, preacher curl, leg exercises, and more.
  • 7-position backrest adjustment.
  • Comes with an Olympic plate adapter for curl/leg exercises.


  • Difficult to assemble with the included tools.
  • Bulky.

Fitness Reality X-Class Multi-Workout Bench

If you are looking to develop your core muscles, then the X-Class bench from Fitness Reality might be the best option for you. This thing is specifically built for abs and crunches, and you can do a wide variety of exercises on it.

For comfort, the X-Class bench features thick foam thigh cushions and roller pads. Apart from that, the bench has 4 backrest angles, allowing you to adapt it to a wide variety of training needs. Thanks to its versatility, you could even use this bench for exercises like the dumbbell press or dumbbell rows.

Appearing to be designed for light commercial use, the X-Class bench should serve you for the years to come as well. It feels sturdy, as well as has a weight capacity of 650 pounds. The vinyl cover is also moisture-resistant and should thus be easy to clean.

As for downsides, this thing has one – it’s quite expensive, though the solid build quality makes it worth the money.


  • Sturdy built.
  • Great for all kinds of ab and lower back exercises.
  • Padded bars for painless exercise.
  • Sweat- and moisture-resistant vinyl covering.
  • 650-pound weight capacity.


  • Pricey.

Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench

The Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench is a more affordable alternative to the Fitness Reality X-Class multifunctional bench. Both are designed for ab and back workouts, but the Stamina Pro bench probably is a little less durable.

Still, in terms of comfort, this multi-workout bench is very decent. It features easy to clean vinyl upholstery, ample padding for comfort, as well as a bench with 4 backrest angles. Moreover, unlike the X-Class bench, this multi bench is foldable and can be more easily stored.

One downside and caveat in the Stamina Pro bench is the metal rod that maintains the position of the bench. This rod tends to come out when the bench is moved, which could lead to injury if you are not careful. So if you go for this bench, please pay attention to the rod before exercising on it.


  • Great for ab and lower back training.
  • Rich padding for comfortable training.
  • Foldable design.
  • Easy to clean vinyl upholstery.


  • The metal rod that holds the backrest in position tends to slide out when the bench is moved.

Finer Form Upgraded Multi-Functional Bench

Finally, we have this multifunctional bench from Finer Form. It’s yet another weight bench that can be used for comprehensive upper body training.

More precisely, the Finer Form bench is a great fit for all kinds of ab and back exercises. Apart from that, if you aren’t too tall, you should be able to easily perform dumbbell presses and the like on it.

And we do mean not too tall – with its 42.5 inches long cushion pad, the Finer Form multi-workout bench won’t be the best option for very tall users. Measure your torso length to find out whether it will work for you.

Notably, this bench is claimed to be an upgraded version with more comfortable padding and higher adjustability in the thigh pads. Apart from that, this bench boasts a static weight capacity of 660 pounds, thick and firm cushioning, a powder-coated steel build, and even a dumbbell rack beneath the backrest.


  • Excellent for upper body training.
  • Well-cushioned.
  • Multiple backrest and thigh pad angles.
  • Withstands up to 660 pounds.


  • May be too short for tall users.
  • Not the best assembly instructions.

Final Words

A multifunctional bench is a handy piece of equipment to have at home. Sized very moderately, these benches allow you to perform a wide range of exercises and work on a wide range of muscles. Some multi-workout benches even allow you to train your entire body!

Still, when shopping for the best multifunctional weight bench, be careful to pick a bench that will be a good long-term buy for you. Don’t waste money on an over-the-top bench, but don’t scrimp and buy junk as well. The best bench will be priced just right for you while taking care of all your needs.

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