Best Gymnastic Rings For Home Gym Use

Looking for gymnastic rings for home use? We have 5 options to offer to you!

Gymnastic rings are one-of-a-kind pieces of sporting equipment. The important characteristic of gymnastic rings is their versatility — it’s astonishing how a simple set of rings can allow you to execute a wide range of strength and stretching activities, including yoga.

The Olympic gymnastic rings are used to improve the upper body and core functional strength. Great for push-ups, pull-ups, dips, body rows, iron cross, muscle-ups, and other exercises. These workout rings are not only a challenging method to engage every muscle in your upper body, but they are also an effective complement to some kinds of physical therapy since ring training works so many muscles in such a coordinated manner.

One could even manage to do cardio on gymnastic rings!

Now, gymnastic rings aren’t as easy to get started with as, say, dumbbells – rings need a place for mounting at the very least.

With that said, if you have the space and a sufficiently durable ceiling, a pair of gymnastic rings is one of the best home gym investments one could make!

How To Choose Gymnastic Rings

Before moving on to our top 5, let’s try to understand what you should be paying attention to in gymnastic rings.


First of all, consider ring dimensions.

Some rings will be compliant with the Olympic specifications of the International Gymnastics Federation, which requires:

  • The inner diameter of the rings to be 7.1 inches.
  • The profile (grip) diameter to be 1.1 inches.

Olympic-sized rinks are going to work for most people, especially those who are small-handed.

There also are larger rings with a grip diameter of 1.25 inches. These rings are better for those who have large hands, as well as those who think that the Olympic rings are too easy to work out on.

Plastic vs wood

Gymnastic rings are mostly wooden, but some rings may be made from plastic.

It’s usually recommended to buy plastic rings if you are going to use your rings outdoors. Plastic is less sensitive to weather and particularly water, though, with treatment, wood could also be insensitive to outdoor elements.

A fairly big advantage of plastic rings is that they usually tend to be much more durable than wood rings. Wood rings are sufficiently durable probably for anything, but if you are worried about the durability of your rings, then you may want to go for plastic rings.

Keep in mind that plastic rings tend to be more slippery than wooden grips. This can be alleviated with gym chalk though.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of a pair of rings will provide you with an idea of how durable the rings will be.

Wood rings typically support up to 600 pounds. While this may seem overkill if you, say, weigh 200 pounds, the excess 400 pounds of capacity will make sure that the rings won’t break from sudden movements.

Keep in mind that some manufacturers indicate the weight capacity for the entire system – that is, rings AND straps – while others will only give the numbers for the rings themselves. With the latter, you should pay careful attention to user reviews to learn how the straps have worked for people since they may lack durability and be a big weak link.


Pay careful attention to the straps as well.

First of all, the straps should be durable. No matter how strong the rings themselves are, delicate straps are going to make the whole construction much weaker.

Secondly, have a look at what kind of slip prevention mechanism the straps of the desired rings come with. To prevent slippage, ring manufacturers may use things like dual buckles. Be sure to read user reviews to find out how the straps have worked for other people.

The length of the straps is important as well, though it can be fairly easily adjusted. Some straps come with markings on them to make length adjustment easier.

Usually, gymnastic rings come with 15 feet straps. These will work for most people, and even if they are long, you can easily size them down. But if you don’t want excess straps to dangle around, then you may go for shorter straps, if available.

Best Gymnastic Rings For A Home Gym

Double Circle Wood Gymnastic Rings

Double Circle Wood Gymnastic Rings

These rings are extremely simple to put on and have superior grade ultra-convenient 1.5″ strong straps. Instead of the standard cam buckles, the straps come with four extra-strong carabiners. The carabiners and numbered hook system allow for 4″ modifications, allowing for precise lengths without the need for minute changes.

The Double Circle 1.25″ CrossFit compatible rings are meticulously constructed from the highest quality wood, allowing them to be exceptionally sturdy and durable. And, unlike most plastic rings, the hardwood rings are fully non-slip, allowing you to maintain a firm and comfortable hold at all times.

Extras Included – The professional door anchor secures the gym straps to practically any lockable door, allowing you to work out at home or on the go. The foot straps offered to unleash the lower body workout and connect in seconds.

Nayoya Gymnastic Rings

Nayoya Gymnastic Rings

Nayoya gymnastic rings are one of the most durable pairs you are going to find on the market.

The material choice in these rings is unusual – Nayoya has used ABS plastic instead of the traditional wood. What such a choice of material allows is up to 2,000 pounds of weight capacity! No matter what kind of tricks you do, these gymnastic rings should hold up.

Unlike the Rep Fitness rings, these gymnastic rings come only in one grip size – 1.11 inches. Since this is the Olympic size, most people won’t have any trouble with these rings.

The included straps are 15 feet long, and they can be easily adjusted.

The not so good thing about these gymnastic rings is that the plastic makes them more slippery than wooden rings, even though the ring surface is textured. With this in mind, you should use gym chalk (though you may want to use it with wooden rings as well).


  • Very durable.
  • Long 15 feet straps.
  • Compliant with Olympic regulations.


  • More slippery than wooden rings.

PACEARTH Gymnastics Rings 

PACEARTH Gymnastics Rings 

The 32mm thick gymnastic rings are constructed of birch wood, a natural material used to make high-quality sports equipment. The pull-up rings are safe and robust, with a weight capacity of up to 1500lbs/680kg.

The scale-adjustable straps keep the training rings at the same height at all times. The little touch fasteners assist you in tidying up the strap ends so they don’t get in your way throughout the workout.

PACEARTH gymnastic rings include two rolls of blue hand tapes with perspiration absorption, comfort, and anti-dust properties. Please keep in mind that the additional blue hand tapes are consumables that must be updated on a regular basis depending on how frequently you use them.

Emerge Gymnastic Rings

Emerge Gymnastic Rings

The Emerge gymnastic rings are more durable than regular wooden rings – when mounted, this pair can support up to 800 pounds, which should be more than enough even for rigorous exercise.

Part of the reason for the increased weight capacity is the included heavy-duty 15 feet straps. These straps are not only durable but also have a dual buckle mechanism that makes sure that the straps don’t slip through.

If you absolutely want Olympic-size rings, then you will also be glad to hear that this pair has a grip diameter of 1.11 inches.

The one downside of the Emerge gymnastic rings is that they come with no step-by-step installation instructions. The setup process itself is fairly simple, and it will be similar to that of many other gymnastic rings. What you may struggle with is how to set up the straps.


  • Tough wooden build.
  • 15 feet heavy-duty straps included.
  • Olympic diameter.


  • No step-by-step installation instructions seem to come with this ring.

Yimidear Wood Olympic Rings

Yimidear Wood Olympic Rings

Whether performing pull-ups, biceps curls, push-ups, dips, rows, muscle-ups, or chest flies, the extra solid and smooth wood rings are incredibly comfortable to hold.

The strong straps use robust coated metal clamps. They are neither too hefty nor too light, and they maintain general equilibrium. Exercises that use only your body weight to engage your muscles and core.

Yimidear Rings are one of the easiest and most effective strength gadgets on the market, and they can be set up and adjusted in minutes. Simply drape it over whatever you’re using as support, thread the strap through the metal clamp, and secure it with a clamp.

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