Best Ab Roller Wheels for Abdominal Workout

No need to waste time and money on a gym membership, spending 10 minutes a day on the ab wheel in the comfort and privacy of home or office will help you lose weight & strengthen core muscles and bring you good exercise in a fast workout.

The abs are a very important muscle group in the human body. Poorly trained or not trained abs can lead to injuries during workouts and everyday activities.

Probably, for this reason, abs should be trained during each training session, regardless of which muscle group you are training at that session. Some athletes work the abs at the beginning of their workouts to disperse the blood accumulated in the abdominal cavity.

Ab roller wheels seem to be ideal for ab training, especially at home. Judge for yourself – roller wheels virtually do not take up space in the room, do not require a separate shelf or rack, and their effectiveness in ab workout is great.

And yet, in the gym – at least, where I am training – this sports equipment is often left idle, perhaps because it’s quite demanding on your muscles.

Why Are Ab Rollers Great and What You Should Keep In Mind

Ab rollers are great for ab workouts since performing exercises with them is pretty difficult. Roller exercises are considerably more challenging than crunches and other classic ab exercises.

With great benefits come some downsides as well though.

Most notably, you have a high risk of injury when using ab rollers. Users of the product may immediately perform roller exercises that are too complex for them. This at least leads to muscle pain. Even a fit athlete would get started with simple exercises with a roller wheel to train the abs a little before moving on to more complex stuff.

The initial simple exercises should be leading to more challenging ones. Not only that, but you should perfect those simpler movements before switching to difficult ones. Due to this, the effectiveness of ab rollers is relatively low at the beginning.

It should be noted that the same rules apply to any exercise and gym equipment, especially in strength training and when working with large weights.

So, the main condition for using ab roller wheels is their gradual use from simple to complex. Only this way will you get a positive result.

In addition to the abs, ab roller wheels train a rather large number of other muscles, such as back muscles, lower back, buttocks, leg muscles, pectoral muscles, biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles. To put it short, your entire body is working.

And perhaps the greatest thing about ab roller wheels is that they can be used anywhere as long as you have a flat surface to roll the roller on!

With that said, let’s have a look at a few ab roller wheel options that you may buy for your next home workout.

Best Ab Roller Wheels for Ab Workout

VINSGUIR Ab Roller Wheel

Ab Roller Wheel

Using Vinsguir’s ab roller for abdominal & core strength training is a cinch thanks to its simple installation. Unlike bulky equipment, benches, push-up bars, and dumbbells, the ab roller wheel is small and light enough to carry with you wherever you go to work out, whether that’s at home, the workplace, the gym, or even outside.

One knee mat is included with the ab trainer, allowing novices to safely practice routines without fear of injury. Once you’ve developed your core strength, you may go on to more fun and demanding workouts that don’t include the pad.

For your protection, the high-strength stainless steel shaft can support up to 440 pounds of weight. The 3.2-inch ultra-wide ab roller maintains a straight line of balance and does not sag. The non-slip and pleasant grip is provided by the EVA rubber cotton handles.

The low-noise TPR rubber surface of the wheel makes it ideal for home workouts where you don’t have to worry about upsetting your family or neighbors.

As far as fitness gifts go, this multi-purpose training wheel is a no-brainer. It can be used to tone your abs, burn calories, and more.

Lifeline Power Ab Roller Wheel

Remarkably, the Lifeline Power Ab Roller Wheel is equipped with foot straps & stirrups that allow you to place your feet into the roller. You have two pairs of straps & stirrups for fastening your heel and toe areas, which allows you to perform a wider range of exercises with this thing.

But if you find that the stirrups are inconvenient, you have the option of removing them and using the roller in a regular fashion.

The product is delivered semi-assembled. The assembly shouldn’t be too difficult, but the included manual appears to be not very helpful since it’s not too well-illustrated.

Aside from that, the straps, although adjustable, may have trouble accommodating big foot sizes. They are not that high-quality either.

The small downsides of this product shouldn’t be that big of an issue for buyers though. The stirrups and stirrups aren’t a major feature, and you can remove them if they aren’t helping you.


  • The straps & stirrups allow for a wider range of exercises.
  • The straps are adjustable.


  • Poorly illustrated assembly manual.
  • Short and delicate stirrups and straps.
  • Pretty price.



Wheel with Knee Pad & Lifetime Warranty
Ab roller wheel NBR knee mat 13.7811.810.39. Choosing a thicker, wider non-slip kneeling pad is critical for ab training safety and performance.

Removable 3.543″ diameter abs wheels with “optimal mechanical construction” reduce weight while increasing load-bearing capacity. No wobble support up to 500 lbs (400 kg) for the toughest workouts.

These TPE wheel rollers are professional-grade, quiet, and non-slip. No harm done to carpet or wood floors by the anti-slip surface layer.

Handles made of durable, slip-resistant EVA rubber support a Comfortable Grip and prevent slippage due to excessive hand perspiration, reducing injuries. Each of the three wheels has a stainless steel core in the middle, enhancing the wheel’s ability to roll.

Valeo Ab Roller Wheel

The Valeo ab roller is quite inexpensive but still an interesting ab roller wheel option.

This roller remarkably has two independent wheels which may make it easier for you to maintain balance. The handles are comfortable, though users with big hands may feel that they are too small.

Some users also note calluses on their hands after prolonged use, which means that you should wrap the handles with a soft cloth when using this thing. The build of this thing appears not to be strong enough to support big weights as well, which is a thing to keep in mind.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Light design.
  • The two wheels may make balancing a little easier.


  • Small and perhaps overly textured handles.
  • May not withstand heavy users.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

Finally, we have the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller, which is a pretty interesting little product.

First off, this ab roller has an internal kinetic engine that provides resistance and some support during extension. The further out you move, the more resistance you are met with. The tension on extension thus could allow for a pretty good workout.

On the other hand, as the tension releases on return, you may get more assistance than you would like. This isn’t necessarily a downside, but it certainly should be kept in mind.

This roller is also claimed to minimize pressure on the lower back, which is believable given that the tension will somewhat assist you with maintaining your position.

The wheel in the Ab Carver Pro roller is ultra-wide and curved at the edges. The increased width provides additional stability to newbies, while the curved edges allow you to pivot right or left a little bit easier.

Perfect Fitness also kindly includes knee pads so that you can more conveniently work out with the Ab Carver Pro.

All this beauty costs quite the money for an ab roller though, but it may be worth it for you.


  • Internal resistance for a better workout.
  • Wide and stable roller design.
  • Kneepads included.


  • The releasing tension may provide assistance on return.
  • Pricey.

Final Words

Ab rollers are often poor-quality and not too durable. We thus suggest that you put a good amount of time into your research of ab rollers and get something that is durable and reliable.

Don’t forget that ab rollers are for pretty advanced users, though there are ways for you to make ab roller exercises easier at the initial stages. If you are a complete newbie in the gym though, we suggest that you first start with simpler ab exercises, such as good-old crunches.

But once you feel that crunches are too easy for you, maybe it’s time for you to move on to something more serious!

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