5 Best And Most Popular EZ Curl Bars

EZ curl bars are quite popular both with commercial and home gyms. And there’s a reason for this – an EZ curl bar is the best all-around piece of equipment for most people.

Well, if you happen to be looking for an EZ curl bar for home (or even gym) use, then we have a few options to offer to you!

Why Are EZ Curl Bars Popular With Home Gyms?

There are four major reasons why EZ curl bars are popular with home gyms:

  • EZ curl bars have a comfortable grip that allows you to perform a wide range of exercises without unnecessarily straining your wrists, elbows, and shoulders.
  • EZ curl bars are quite compact, which makes them perfect for use at home. Probably only a few people have enough space for a full-size Olympic bar.
  • EZ curl bars are pretty inexpensive. Good Olympic bars are much more expensive, often costing several hundred dollars.
  • And most importantly, you can use just a single EZ curl bar to comprehensively train your body!

Things To Consider In The Best EZ Curl Bar

Before moving on to our top 5, let’s talk about the things that you should pay attention to when shopping for an EZ curl bar.


Some EZ curl bars will have more aggressive and bity knurling than others. Bars have knurling to assist you with grip, but sometimes, it’s objectively too much. With that said, some people will tolerate aggressive knurling better than others.

Unfortunately, there is no objective way for you to learn how shallow or deep a bar’s knurling is. You may read some user reviews, but these will be somewhat subjective.

If your bar does end up to have too aggressive knurling for you, know that you could train in gloves.


EZ curl bars are usually sized around the same – they are typically 47-48 inches long. With that said, if you want a narrower or wider bar, then pay attention to how the desired bar is sized exactly – even a quarter of an inch may make a difference for some people.

Sleeve size

The sleeves of EZ curl bars typically have a diameter of either 2 inches of 1 inch. The latter takes 2-inch Olympic plates and other plates with larger center holes, while the latter takes 1-inch weights (like those used in some dumbbells).

Needless to say, you need to pick a bar with a sleeve size that corresponds to the plates you have or are going to buy.

Grip angle

EZ curl bars don’t have standard angles in their grip – some bars have shallower anglers than others. Which one to choose really comes down to personal preference.

Generally, people like it when the grip angles of their EZ curl bar are deeper – they think it’s more comfortable for them. A bar with deeper angles also provides you with more options when it comes to grip. So it would probably be a safe bet to go for a bar with a more aggressive grip.


Pay attention to the weight of the desired bar as well. EZ curl bars don’t get too heavy, but there is a big difference between a 10-pound bar and a 20-pound bar.

You don’t really need to go for a heavier bar – if you have plates, you could easily make your EZ curl bar weigh as much as you want. However, there is one case where you would want to go for a heavier bar.

Weight capacity

Heavier EZ curl bars tend to have a higher weight capacity. 20-pound bars tend to have a capacity of 300-400 pounds, while bars that weigh closer to 10 pounds will usually support up to around 200 pounds.

EZ curl bars designed to take 2-inch Olympic plates also typically have a high weight capacity – Olympic plates get pretty heavy, which is part of the reason why bars with 2-inch sleeves are stronger.

200 pounds is going to be enough for most people. However, a higher weight capacity would allow you to progress farther, not to mention that in some exercises, 200 pounds isn’t much.


Finally, consider the finish of the EZ curl bar. We like traditional chrome finishes more – they look nice enough, and they don’t have the tendency to come off as black finishes do. Black bars sure look nice, but their finish often flakes off after some time. We would thus personally suggest opting for a regular chrome-finish bar.

5 Best EZ Curl Bars Reviewed

Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar

This EZ curl bar by Titan Fitness is a fairly good option if you are looking for a lighter EZ curl bar. This thing weighs just 14 pounds, which is noticeably lighter than some of the other EZ curl bars on our list.

When it comes to weights, this EZ curl bar is intended to work with 2-inch Olympic weights. If you are looking for an EZ curl bar for your gym or just happen to have weights that have at least a 2-inch center hole, then this EZ curl bar should work for you.

What we also like about this bar is that it has no fancy finishes on it – it just has what seems like a traditional chrome finish.

The not so good thing about this bar is that it can only support up to 200 pounds. This is going to be more than enough for many people, but it’s not much for some exercises as mentioned above.


  • A good option if you are looking for a lighter EZ curl bar.
  • Takes 2-inch Olympic plates.


  • Only 200 pounds of weight capacity.

XMark XM-3675 EZ Curl Bar

This EZ curl bar by XMark is a great option if you are looking for a sturdy EZ curl bar that will take a lot. Weighing at 22 pounds, this guy is pretty hefty, and it also can take up to 400 pounds of weight! This bar promises to serve for quite some time as you progress, which is great for both home and gym use.

Like the Titan Fitness EZ curl bar, this bar is designed to take 2-inch Olympic plates. And thanks to its weight capacity, it can take quite a few of them!

Note that XMark has covered the shaft of this EZ curl bar with black manganese phosphate. While this finish makes this bar look pretty good, we think it’s unnecessary – it will probably sooner or later peel off and annoy you.


  • The black shaft finish looks pretty nice.
  • Fairly heavy.
  • Takes 2-inch Olympic plates.
  • Supports up to 400 pounds of weight.


  • The black finish on the shaft isn’t really necessary.

CAP Barbell Standard EZ Curl Bar

If you want an EZ curl bar for 1-inch weight plates, then the CAP Barbell Standard EZ curl bar may be the right choice.

A notable thing about this EZ curl bar is that it has a less dramatic shaft curve compared to other bars on the list. Some people may dislike it, but if you actually prefer straighter bars, this EZ curl bar may a great option for you.

This bar also weighs just 11 pounds, as well as supports up to 200 pounds of weight, which is plenty for a bar that’s supposed to take 1-inch plates.

What we also like about this bar is that CAP Barbell includes collars with it, so you won’t have to go look for them separately.


  • Designed to take 1-inch weight plates.
  • Weighs just 11 pounds.
  • Comes with collars.
  • Has a less dramatic curve in the shaft.


  • The curve in the bar may seem lacking to some people.

Body-Solid EZ Curl Olympic Bar

The Body-Solid EZ curl bar is a little less hefty than the 22-pound XMark bar we’ve reviewed above, but it’s still pretty heavy – 18 pounds is no joke. Not only that, but this thing can support up to 300 pounds of weight, which should be more than enough for many people.

The Body-Solid EZ curl bar is designed to take Olympic plates as well, so if you have those lying around at home, this thing will allow you to make use of them.

Keep in mind that the chrome version of this bar appears to have a shallower grip in reality than portrayed in the product description. The black version seems to have a deeper grip, but it has the black finish that we don’t like.


  • Quite a hefty EZ curl bar.
  • Takes 2-inch Olympic plates.
  • 300-pound weight capacity.


  • The chrome version appears to have shallower grip angles than imaged.


The greatest way to build bicep and tricep strength is using the METIS EZ Curl Bar. An angled bar design reduces wrist and elbow stress during arm workouts to keep people from getting hurt.

Hill-style knurling on this weight lifting bar gives a secure grip and a smooth, comfortable exercise experience. These heavy-duty solid steel curl bars have a hardened chrome bar finish to prevent rust, scratches, and general gym wear and tear.

For arm curls, presses, and extensions, the EZ bar has a loadable sleeve diameter that is compatible with Olympic weight plates.

Final Words

Luckily, EZ curl bars are fairly similar to each other, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to pick up the best option.

With that said, do keep in mind that some bars will have better quality than others. We would suggest that you avoid cheap bars if you are expecting longevity – a pricier EZ curl bar is likely the better option.

Besides, don’t forget about the things we’ve talked about in our buyer’s guide. If you know what you want though, you should be able to easily recognize the right EZ curl bar among the dozens of models available out there!

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